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Remote jobs in Europe - Issue #4

Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of Remoteur! 

Back to work after a short break in the Isle of Elba, where I took a chance to read a couple of (e)books: 

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Thank you! — Silvio

P.S. Funny/crazy idea: got a job through Remoteur? Let me know, we should have a remote toast (aka toaxt) on Twitter! 🍻 


at creative.ai - Bringing artificial intelligence to studios and agencies in creative industries around the world

at Divvit - Proactive e-commerce analytics

at busuu - The free language learning community

at The Outdoor Journal - Media and travel booking platform

at Watching That - First class discovery and acquisition tools for video publishers


at Time Doctor - Time tracking and productivity monitoring software

at Hostmaker - Airbnb management company

at Measurence - Actionable analytics for the physical world

at Lookback - User experience recording made simple

at Mozilla - A non-profit with one mission: defend the free and open web

at Barclays - Personal banking

at Barclays - Personal banking


at RealtimeBoard - Visual collaboration tool for teams

at Inboundlabs - Global agency-hybrid

at Nuance - PDF, customer service, HIM and speech recognition solutions


at Inboundlabs - Global agency-hybrid

Business Development

at Mozilla - A non-profit with one mission: defend the free and open web

at Synthego - Genome engineering solutions


at Shopify - eCommerce platform

at Shopify - eCommerce platform