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Jobs at Chatfuel, Etch and Pexels

Hey friends,

Before diving into job opportunities, let me recommend Remote Like Me, a community of girls who are looking for their perfect remote job: covering all aspects of the remote lifestyle, their Facebook group will help with finding job opportunities, applying, and how to fully enjoy your remote lifestyle. I had a little chat with Taylor (the founder) just before Christmas: she's a force of nature!

As usual, good luck out there. See you on January 29 ;)


at Pexels - One of the biggest, most loved and fastest growing photo communities in the world

at Jsgenesis - Team behind Joystream, an open source, blockchain based video platform

at NEX - Platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation

at Netguru - Product design/development and software solutions

at Hotel Spider - Channel manager, booking engine and central reservation system (CRS) for hotels


at Etch Software Studio - Web app design & development

at Pixelcabin - Agile web development agency focusing on e-commerce solutions

at noddus - Content management

at FlowPress - Enterprise WordPress

at Missinglettr - SaaS company dedicated to helping small businesses with content marketing

at Numbrs - Banking app

at noddus - Content management

Marketing / Copywriting

at ScheduleOnce - Online meeting and appointment scheduling software

at Hotjar - All-in-one analytics & feedback

at Reedsy - Meet the editor, designer or marketer who can help bring your book to life

at Razeware - Mobile development books, video courses, and tutorials


at Chatfuel - AI chatbots for Facebook

at Customer.io - Marketing automation for the whole customer lifecycle

at ScheduleOnce - Online meeting and appointment scheduling software


at Tutuka - Global prepaid card processor